Lancé (CO 3.5)

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In the late afternoon of 23 July, 1872 a shower of stones fell near Lancé in the Department of Loir-et-Cher, France. 6 stones with a mass of approximately 52 kg were recovered, most of the mass in a single 47 kg stone.

Lancé is one of the 6 CO (Ornans-like) Carbonaceous Chondrites observed to fall. The CO chemical group of carbonaceous chondrites are distinguished by their small chondrules and abundant refractory inclusions. The CO3 type are further marked by abundant chondrules and various unequilibrated mineral assemblages.

Lancé is the second most massive CO fall and third most massive of the several hundred recovered CO stones and, thus, has provided material for a number of studies. Studies of ancient Ca-, Al-rich inclusions and studies of small presolar phases have been the focus of much of this work.

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