Kopargaon (LL5)

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This LL5 chondrite made quite a smashing entrance when it landed in the village of Bhojade Chouki, part of the Kopargaon administrative district in central Maharashtra, India. On January 24, 2023, at just about 7:00AM local time, several eyewitnesses reported sounds of detonations and bright objects falling from the sky. These objects were this chondrite, which smashed through the roof of a house in the village. It shattered on impact and left an impact dent in the bedroom it fell in.

Pune, Jan 27 (PTI) The roof and floor of a house were damaged after a stone-like object fell from the sky in Maharashtra’s Ahmednagar district, a police official said on Friday. The incident took place in Bhojade village, some 120 kilometres from here, on Tuesday and two scientists from Gujarat have confirmed the object was a meteorite, Kopargaon police station Inspector Daulat Jadhav said. “The house belongs to one Kiran Thakre. Its roof was damaged after the object, weighing around 1 kilogram, crashed through it at around 6:50am and fell on the floor, creating a 2-inch dent. No one was injured,” Shirdi division police official Sanjay Satav said. The rock has been sent to experts through the district administration for analysis, Jadhav added.

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