Rantila (aubrite)

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Meteorite fell on August 17, 2022 in Rantila, Gujarat, India. About 6 kilos total known weight were recovered. Two stones fell, one hitting a patio of a house. The second recovered stone fell 10 kilometers away, breaking a large limb off a tree. This is only the 11th aubrite fall and stones were recovered a few minutes after the fall.


Rantila        24°14’26’’N, 71°46’45″E

Gujarat, India

Confirmed fall: 2022 Aug 17

Classification: Enstatite achondrite (Aubrite)

History: The meteorite fall was observed in two nearby villages, Rantila and Ravel, ~10.5 km apart. The meteorite fell at Rantila village in soft, clayey agricultural land. While falling, the meteorite hit a branch of a tree and broke into fragments, also breaking the branch into several pieces. Several fragments of the meteorite were found scattered around a field, with the larger pieces producing small pits (~28 cm diameterm ~15 cm deep) due to impact on soft, wet soil.

Physical characteristics: Broken pieces reveal a fragmental breccia. Theses pieces are fragile and the inner materials are brittle. They contain olivine, plagioclase feldspar, iron-nickel metal, and numerous sulfides. Large pyroxene grains (up to 2 cm) occur as bright white crystals.

Petrography: The dominant mineral phase is enstatite, followed by diopside, olivine, and plagioclase. Sulfides include troilite, alabandite, heideite, daubréelite, oldhamite; Fe-Ni alloys are also present.

Geochemistry: Enstatite Mg# 99.7, En98.4Wo1.0, diopside Mg# 99.8, En54.5Wo45.1, Olivine Mg# 99.7, plagioclase Or3.3Ab95.9An0.7.

Classification: The meteorite is an aubrite (enstatite achondrite) and is a fragmental breccia. Degree of shock is moderate and the weathering is minimal

Specimens: Type specimen ~200 g at PRL. Main mass with District Officials of Banaskantha, Gujarat, India

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