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4.57g part endcut. Sold with label / certificate of authenticity

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Northwest Africa 11535 (NWA 11535)

(Northwest Africa)

Purchased: 2017

Classification: Carbonaceous chondrite (CK6)

Physical characteristics: Dark-brown stone. Cut surface reveals a dark-gray interior with poorly defined chondrules.

Petrography: (J. Gattacceca, H. Pourkhorsandi, CEREGE) Equilibrated chondrite with average chondrule size 820 μm (N=12). Opaque are mostly magnetite (euhedral and sub-euhedral), accessory troilite.

Geochemistry: Olivine Fa25.8±0.4, NiO 0.58±0.16 wt% (N=4). Orthopyroxene Fs23.6Ws0.8 (N=1). Magnetite has 3.0 wt% Cr2O3 (N=1).

Classification: Carbonaceous chondrite (CK6)

Specimens: Type specimen at CEREGE. Main mass with Kuntz.