NWA 7831 (diogenite)

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27°18.43’N, 12°06.96’W
Found march 3, 2013
Achondrite, diogenite
Total mass > 20 kg
Specimen in collection : 83.16 g
Dimensions : 5.6 x 4.3 x 2.3 cm

This meteorite was discovered, buried, about 100 kilometers north-east of Laayoune (Western Sahara), at a place called Chouichiyat (which can also be written Chwichia).

NWA 7831 is a bit like the meteorite of Tatahouine in structure with its yellow-green crystals of orthopyroxene except the fact that they are not opaque. It is extremely brittle and must be handled with delicacy.

By the way, Chouichiyat is also the area where was also discovered the Martian meteorite NWA 7397.

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