NWA 12741 (diogenite)

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Northwest Africa 12741 (NWA 12741)

(Northwest Africa)

Purchased: 2019

Classification: Diogenite-pmict

History: The meteorite was purchased from a local meteorite dealer in Zagora, Morocco.

Physical characteristics: Single stone with some fusion crust.

Petrography: The meteorite is a polymict breccia predominantly composed of up to 2 mm sized low-Ca pyroxene and plagioclase grains set into fine-grained related matrix. Diogenetic pyroxene shows some augite exsolution lamellae. Very rarely eucritic regions are encountered. Minor phases include silica, chromite, FeS, and metallic Fe.

Geochemistry: diogenetic pyroxene: Fs35.0±0.4Wo2.0±0.1 (Fs34.3-35.6Wo1.8-2.1, n=13, FeO/MnO=27-31); augite exsolutions: Fs13.4±0.4Wo44.2±0.5 (Fs13.0-14.3Wo43.0-44.8, n=14, FeO/MnO=22-27); eucritic low-Ca pyroxene: Fs57.6±0.7Wo1.8±0.5 (Fs56.5-58.8Wo1.3-3.2, n=11, FeO/MnO=32-35); eucritic Ca-pyroxene: Fs26.4±1.2Wo40.8±1.3 (Fs24.3-28.8Wo37.0-42.3, n=15, FeO/MnO=30-36); calcic plagioclase: An92.9±0.3 (An92.3-93.6, n=15)

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