NWA 10641 (eucrite) – 97.32g main mass


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Main mass of the eucrite NWA 10641. This specimen weighs 97.32g.

Northwest Africa 10641 (NWA 10641)


Purchased: 2015 Sept

Classification: HED achondrite (Eucrite)

History: A single stone of 110.3 g was found by an anonymous finder in Western Sahara and purchased 2015 in Erfoud by Hichame Mimaghador.

Physical characteristics: The main mass is partially covered by a black fusion crust.

Petrography: (V. Moggi Cecchi, G. Pratesi, S. Caporali, UniFi): The thin section analyzed displays a basaltic texture. The major phase is orthopyroxene, with crystals 80-130 μm in width, minor clinopyroxene and anorthitic plagioclase. Exsolved low-Ca pyroxene crystals displaying fine, 4-6 μm pigeonite exsolution lamellae, are visible. Minor phases are ilmenite, troilite, chromite, and FeNi metal

Geochemistry: (V. Moggi Cecchi, G. Pratesi, S. Caporali, UniFi) Calcic plagioclase An 90.0±1.2Or0.5±0.1, n=7; low-Ca pyroxene (Fs61.9±1.1En36.1±1.2Wo2.0±0.2; n=6; Fe/Mn=34.4±0.2); augite (Fs27.1±1.1En29.5±1.3Wo43.4±0.2; n=7; Fe/Mn=35.6±0.1); exsolved low-Ca pyroxene (Fs62.8±1.2En35.4±1.1Wo1.8±0.1; n=7; Fe/Mn=34.4±0.2); pigeonite exsolution lamellae in orthopyroxene (Fs55.3±1.3,En34.4±1.2Wo10.3±0.3; n=7; Fe/Mn = 33.2±0.1).

Classification: Basaltic eucrite with moderate degree of shock and medium degree of weathering.

Specimens: A total of 21.2 g specimen and one thin section is on deposit at MSN-FI. Mimaghador owns the main mass.