Dhofar 2101 (lunar, feldsp. breccia)

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Dhofar 2101 (Dho 2101)        19°03’35.5″N, 54°27’19.5″E

Zufar, Oman

Find: 2016

Classification: Lunar meteorite

History: The meteorite was found in 2016 during a field trip in the Oman desert.

Physical characteristics: Flattened brownish stone without fusion crust.

Petrography: The meteorite is a feldspathic breccia composed of mineral fragments and basaltic clasts in a fine-grained groundmass. Most abundant minerals are calcic plagioclase and pigeonite; less abundant are augite and Fe-rich olivine. Accessories include FeS, ilmenite, and chromite. The meteorite contains calcite-filled veins due to terrestrial alteration.

Geochemistry: olivine: Fa43.1±3.5 (Fa34.9-45.7, FeO/MnO=105±12, n=20); pigeonite: Fs32.9±2.4Wo10.5±2.6 (Fs28.7-36.5Wo6.1-15.8, FeO/MnO=59±6, n=20); Ca-pyroxene: Fs20.2±2.1Wo35.0±3.9 (Fs16.1-23.8Wo27.9-41.0, FeO/MnO=54±8, n=11); calcic plagioclase: An96.5±0.5 (An95.4-97.0, n=13)

Classification: Lunar feldspathic breccia

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