Kharabali (H5) – 51.8g


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51.8g part slice. Sold in membrane box with label/certificate of authenticity.

Kharabali        47°27.42’N, 47°32.31’E

Astrakhanskaya oblast’, Russia

Found: before 2001

Classification: Ordinary chondrite (H5)

History: The stone was found on the flat steppes in the Kharabalinsky district, Astrakhan region, Russia. It was known to local people as a conspicuous strange magnetic stone for at least 10 years. Mr. Kotelevskyi sampled the stone in the summer of 2011, and passed the sample to Vernad during October 2012. Later, many small fragments of the meteorite were found around the main mass.

Physical characteristics: The stone is elliptically shaped (70 × 40 × 50 cm), dark-brown with reddish-brown patches, and fusion crusted.