Cold Bokkeveld (CM2)


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The Cold Bokkeveld meteorite fell approximately 60 miles northeast of Capetown, South Africa on October 13, 1838. Cold Bokkeveld is a chemically primitive CM2 meteorite rich in organic compounds and hydrated minerals — and it was the first witnessed fall of a CM2 meteorite. Unlike Murchison, of which more than 100 kilograms were recovered, there is only 5.3 kilograms of Cold Bokkeveld known to exist. Cold Bokkeveld is a breccia, a rock made up of different smaller rocks; different constituents of Cold Bokkeveld have been altered by water on its parent asteroid to various extents. The meteorite also contains complex organic compounds (different than those on Earth) as well as microscopic diamonds and presolar grains that formed long before the solar system came into existence.