Ouzina (R4) – 20.3g


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Morocco , near Algerian border

Found 1999 April

R umuruti-type chondrite (R4)

A 642 g stone was found by a Bedouin.  Classification and mineralogy (M. Killgore, SWML; A. Rubin, UCLA):  chondrules (0.4 to 1 mm) well-defined, but matrix and chondrule mesostasis recrystallized; barred olivine and porphyritic chondrules abundant; average olivine, Fa40.1, with 0.18 wt% NiO; shock stage, S2; weathering grade, W4.  Specimens:  main mass, with a dealer who wishes to remain anonymous; Fectay; 120 g, SWML; type specimen, 27 g, FMNH.