NWA 8348 (iron) – 20.58g


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Iron, IAB-sHL

20.58g full slice
Sold in a membrane box with label / certificate of authenticity

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Northwest Africa 8348 (NWA 8348)
Purchased: June 2010

Classification: Iron meteorite (IAB-sHL)

Petrography: Plessitic octahedrite with anomalous structure. Plessitic cm-sized domains with relict Widmanstätten pattern in their center, separated by a continuous millimeter-thick undulose network of swathing kamacite and schreibersite crystals, up to 8 mm long. Neighboring plessitic domains have incoherent orientation. Contact between kamacite and plessitic domains is enriched in Ni. X-ray fluorescence maps were used to characterize mineralogy/structure.

Geochemistry: Composition by ICPMS (K. Tachikawa, CEREGE): 5.49 mg/g Co, 146.5 mg/g Ni, 20.1 μg/g Cr, 495 μg/g Cu, 20.3 μg/g Ga, 54.1 μg/g Ge, 27.1 μg/g As, 0.1 μg/g Ir, 2.2 μg/g Pt, 2.5 μg/g Au.

Classification: IAB-sHL