NWA 11209 (eucrite)


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Northwest Africa 11209 (NWA 11209)


Purchased: 2015

Classification: HED achondrite (Eucrite, unbrecciated)

History: Purchased from El Moktar Ait Hiba at the 2015 Munich meteorite show.

Physical characteristics: A stone with fresh fusion crust. Broken surface reveals homogeneous grey interior.

Petrography: Igneous rock with ophitic texture. Low-Ca pyroxenes have augite exsolution. Average grain size 400 μm. Accessory silica polymorph, ilmenite, chromite. Rare metal.

Geochemistry: Low-Ca pyroxene Fs60.2±0.2Wo1.7±0.2, FeO/MnO=30.9±2.3 (N=5). Augite exsolution Fs30.5Wo38.1 (N=1). Plagioclase An79.2Ab17.7Or3.1 (N=4).

Classification: Eucrite, unbrecciated

Specimens: type specimen and polished sections at CEREGE. Main mass with Pierre-Marie Pelé.

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