Mount Egerton (aubrite) – micro


Micro specimen

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Anomalous Aubrite.

Mt Egerton is located approximately 200 kilometres north-west of Meekatharra, or 80 kilometres east south-east of Mt Augustus, on Woodlands Station, in remote hilly semi arid country. The initial 1.7 kg meteorite fragment was discovered by a local propector in 1941, 15 kilometres north east of Mt Egerton. Subsequent searches located thousands of small fragments under 1 gram. It is classed as an anomalous Aubrite meteorite where enstatite is the primary metal discoloured over time by weathering. The meteorite is composed of centimetre sized enstatite crystals .

There have been found thousands of sub gramm fragments of Mount Egerton. The here offered 8.6g fragment, wich is a fragment of a single Enstatit crystall, is very rare in size.