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The Ilyinets meteorite crater is located in Lypovets and Ilyinets districts of Vinnytsia region. It is accessible for examination in quarries near Luhova and Ivanky villages in the Sobok River valley. This site currently has the status of a geological natural landmark of local significance. The crater appeared as a result the impact of a meteorite on Precambrian surface of the Ukrainian Shield 445 million years ago. The impact of the explosion caused the formation of a typical ring structure about 8.5 km diameter and 600-800 m deep. The denudation level in the crater area is estimated at about 300-400 m. Thus, the preserved part of the crater has a diameter of about 3.2 km and is 400 m deep. Target rocks are represented mainly by granitoids of the Haisyn (Sobite) complex. The meteorite crater consists of impactites: shock-melt rocks, impact bombs, allogenic and authigenic breccia (suevite, tagamiteetc). Genesis of impactites is confirmed by the findings of stishovite, koesite, impact-type diamond, the presence of metallic and silicate spherules, planar structures in quartz, feldspars and other characteristic features. Overlap rocks are represented by sporadically distributed Devonian and widespread Quaternary sediments. Their thickness reaches 13 m, and it decreases to 3 m in the Sobok River valley. The Ilyinets meteorite crater is the most representative in Europe because it is easily accessible for examination and study, and available for sampling. Undoubtedly, it is a promising unique geological object that can attract attention of tourists around the world, as well as geoscientists interested in studying unique natural sites and phenomena in Europe and on the Earth in general.