Peekskill (H6) – 0.020g


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0.020g fragment. Sold with label / certificate of authenticity.

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New York, USA

Fell 1992 October 9,19:50 EDT (23:50 GMT)

Ordinary chondrite (H6, monomict breccia)

After a fireball and loud noise a stone fell on Michelle Knapp’s car, parked before her house at 207 Wells Street, Peekskill. A stone of 12,370 g and about 200 g in fragments were recovered. Information, classification and analysis, olivine Fa20, pyroxene Fs17, light, cm-sized H6 clasts in darker H6 matrix, Ignacio Casanova, Department of Geology, Field Museum of Natural History, Roosevelt Road at Lake Shore Drive, Chicago, Illinois 60605-2496, USA. The main mass is in the hand of private collectors: 5.2 kg, Ray Meyer; 1.2 kg, Jim Schwade; 1 kg, Marlin Cilz; 470 g, Field Museum.