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On July 11, 2014, many messages are posted on social networks, and particularly on Facebook. Some people announced that a new meteorite fell on July 9, 2014, at 10.30pm, near the town of Foum El Hisn, south Morocco. Fabien Kuntz and I were preparing our bags to go the Kosice strewnfield, in Slovakia, to spend good time eating food specialties and to find some stones from this 2010 fall. Our plans had to change but positively. We cancelled our booking and car rental then we took a flight ticket to Agadir. On July 12, two days and a night after the meteorite fall, the plane landed at the Agadir airport in the morning ; just after getting the keys of our rent car, we headed south-east for a 4 hours driving trip. We arrived near Foum El Hisn early in the afternoon. After a short stop in Borj Biramane, a nice hotel managed by a French man in Icht, we hurried up to reach the area of the fall. We had some indication on the location, thanks to some moroccan contacts.

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