NWA 725 (winonaite) – 0.030g


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0.030g fragment sold in box with label/certificate of authenticity. NWA 725 is synonym of Tissemoumine.

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NWA 725: reclassification (March 26, 2022) – Meteoritical Bulletin n° 111 :

(E. Jacquet, MNHNP) NWA 725 was originally classified as an acapulcoite on the basis of its reduced mineral chemistry (Fa6.1, Fs7.5). However, O isotope measurements of Greenwood et al. (2012) (see e.g. their Fig. 9) plot in the field of winonaites. The mineral chemistry, by itself, was ambiguous (i.e. lying in the overlap between acapulcoites and winonaites) as recognized by Keil and McCoy (2018) (see their Fig. 4), who excluded NWA 725 from their review of acapulcoites and lodranites. Becayse there seems to be a consensus on the matter (e.g. Zeng et al. 2019), NWA 725 should be reclassified as a winonaite (and an interestingly chondritic one at that).

Meteoritical Bulletin n° 85 :


Origin or pseudonym:

Latitude: 30°36’N
Longitude: 5°03’W
Mass (g): 3824
Pieces: 11
Class: Acapulcoite
Fayalite (mol%): 6.1
Ferrosilite (mol%): 7.5
Classifier: Ph. Gillet (ENSL) and J.-A. Barrat (UAng)
Type spec mass (g): 55
Main mass: anonymous buyer
Comments: CPX: Wo46Fs3.1En50.9