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The place of fall or discovery: Near Murchison, Victoria, Australia; φ = 36’37’S, λ = 145°12’E .

Date of fall or discovery: FALL, September 28,1969,between 10h45m and 11 h 00L.T.

Class and type: STONE, carbonaceous chondrite, type II or III.

Number of individual specimens: Meteorite shower on an area over 5 square miles.

Total weight: About 4 ½ kg; largest mass weights 680.2 g.

Circumstances of the fall or discovery: A fireball was seen. It was parted into three pieces before its disappearing. After that a cloud of smoke was seen and 30 seconds later a tremor was heard. Some of the specimens were found on a road and the largest one weighing 680 g came through a roof and fell in the hay.

Source: A telegram October 9, 1969 and the information reports No. 779, 780, 783, 785 and 787 of the Center for Short-lived Phenomena, Cambridge, USA.