Mount Tazerzait (L5) – 4.61g


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4.61g fragment sold in a membrane box with label / certificate of authenticity.

Mount Tazerzait meteorite doesn’t show impact shock alteration. It also has a high rate porosity and in some slices shows vulgs.

Mount Tazerzait

Tahoua, Niger

Fell 1991 August 21, afternoon

Ordinary chondrite (L5)

A single stone of ~110 kg was witnessed to fall by a seven-year-old Tuareg boy.  Numerous pieces of this were distributed by a Tuareg man.  Mineralogy and classification (J. Otto, MPIF):  olivine, Fa24.6; pyroxene, Fs20.8Wo1.3; plagioclase, An10.5Or5.9. Specimens:  main mass, SML.