Mount Egerton (aubrite) – 8.6g


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A rare opportunity to get an amazingly looking aubrite from Australia.

8.6g specimen.

Sold with label and previous owner label, and my signed certificate of authenticity.

Aubrite (Enstatite achondrite); found in 1941.

Mt Egerton is located approximately 200 kilometres north-west of Meekatharra, or 80 kilometres east south-east of Mt Augustus, on Woodlands Station, in remote hilly semi arid country. The initial 1.7 kg meteorite fragment was discovered by a local propector in 1941, 15 kilometres north east of Mt Egerton. Subsequent searches located thousands of small fragments under 1 gram. As a result, this material is found commonly for sale. It is classed as an enstatite chondrite meteorite where enstatite is the primary metal discoloured over time by weathering. The meteorite is composed of centimetre sized enstatite crystals with abundant aubrite. Ni sillicide perryite is present, and has been available as micro specimens, accompanied by SEM photographs.

The meteorite’s metal phase reveals an orientated fine structure of etching similar to a widmanstatten pattern. Within this structure is perryite inclusions embedded in bands of Fe-Ni, enriched with nickel and contain kamacite. The perryite inclusions are found mainly at the intersections of the nickel bands, although some is also found above and below the bands.