Le Teilleul (howardite) – 0.341g


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0.341g part slice – sold in membrane box with label/certificate of authenticity (and B. Fectay label).

One of the hardest meteorite to get ! 

Provenance : British Museum > Rob Elliott > Bruno Fectay

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48°32’51.7”N 0°55’17”O
Fell July 14, 1845
Achondrite, howardite
Total mass : 780 g

On July 14, 1845, around 3 pm, a detonation sounds in Normandy and a meteorite falls in the hamlet of La Vivionnière, near the town of Le Teilleul, in the Channel. The fall is observed by at least two witnesses. It seems that this fall has not been reported in the press.

The meteorite remained for thirty years in the discoverer’s family then it was ceded in 1875 to Mr. Retout, professor at the college of Mortain, who then transmits it to Mr. Daubrée. The latter publishes the history and the analysis in 1879 in the Rendus Accounts of the Paris Academy of Sciences and links the meteorite to the group of
« eukrites » ; the scientist indicates, however, that the external appearance presents the characteristics of a howardite.

The meteorite of Teilleul is to this day the only French howardite.