Draveil (H5) – 3.66g + tile


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3.66g slice. Sold with a fragment of the broken tile and label/certificate of authenticity.

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Draveil        48°41.2’N, 2°25.7’E

Ile-del-France, France

Fell: 13 July 2011

Classification: Ordinary chondrite (H5)

History: A 206 g stone was found in a roof in Draveil on July 13, 2011, by N. and J.-P. Eydens and reported to P.-M. Pelé and A. Jambon (UPVI) a few days after the event. It was later discovered that a 5.2 kg stone had been seen to fall in a garden by a mailman in Savigny sur Orge at 12:30 am (local time) on that same day. Two more stones (88 g and 2 kg) made holes and dents in roofs in Draveil and Grigny, and a fifth one was later found by two schoolgirls in the park of the Rosa Parks high school in Montgeron. One was reported to have crashed through the windshield of a car in Draveil.

Physical characteristics: All stones are covered with a dull gray fusion crust except where they hit the ground or roofs. Most exhibit on their surface at least one rectangular cavity, partly filled with fusion crust as if a pool of liquid had flowed in the cavity.

Petrography: (A. Jambon, UPVI; R. Hewins, C. Fieni and B. Zanda, MNHNP; E. Dransart, EMTT). Equilibrated texture, relict chondrules, abundant metal.

Geochemistry: Olivine: Fa18.7±0.3 (N=19); Low Calcium pyroxene Fs16.7±0.6, Wo1.3±0.8 (N=8) (EMP).

Classification: Ordinary chondrite (H5).

Specimens: Main mass: MNHNP (7338 g, 4 stones)