Dhofar 700 (diogenite) – 5.4g


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5.4g full slice sold in box with label/certificate of authenticity.

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Dhofar 700


Found 2002 November 15

Achondrite (diogenite)

Twelve dark-grey stones totalling 2770 g were found in the Dhofar region of Oman. Classification and mineralogy (S. Demidova, Vernad; G. Kurat, NHMV): fusion crust is absent. The meteorite has an equigranular texture, and consists dominantly of orthopyroxene (Wo2.5–7En62–71; Fe/Mn ≈ 25 at.). Accessory minerals are clinopyroxene Wo8–25En55–66, olivine Fo63–68, plagioclase An89–95, silica, chromite, troilite and FeNi metal (0.2–3.8 wt% Ni, 0.3–0.8 wt% Co); terrestrial weathering is not significant; rare Fe hydroxide is present. The mafic silicates in Dho 700 have the low mg# that is a characteristic feature of diogenites. Specimens: 350 g plus thin section, Vernad; main mass with anonymous finder.