Dhofar 2096 (CK6) – 1.34g


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CK6 chondrite.

Slice with crust – 1.34g.
Sold in a membrane box with a label/certificate of authenticity.

State/Prov/County: Zufar
Date: 2014 Nov
Latitude: 18°34.621’N
Longitude: 54°10.259’E
Mass (g): 25.92
Pieces: 1
Class: CK6
Fayalite (mol%): 28.4±0.2 (n=3)
Magnetic suscept.: 4.70
Classifier: J. Gattacceca, L. Krämer Ruggiu, CEREGE
Type spec mass (g): 6.15
Type spec location: CEREGE
Main mass: Kuntz
Finder: anonymous
Comments: work name KK08; submitted by J. Gattacceca