Brenham (pallasite) fragment


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Fragment of the pallasite “Brenham”. Sold in a box with label/certificate of authenticity.

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Brenham, Kansas is the location of a meteorite crater that was explored by H. H. Ninninger in the early decades of the last century. All around the surrounding land have been found masses both large and small of this Pallasite. But, long before the farming of the mid-west and the finding of the first meteorites by settlers, the iron was being widely traded and used by the Native American population. Pieces of meteoritic iron originally from the Brenham area have been found in archeological sites over much of the eastern US. Some of the masses have large areas devoid of the peridot crystals while other portions are rich in the yellow-green colored gems and has a beautiful Widmanstatten pattern when etched.

In 1949, a collector named H.O. Stockwell discovered a mass of 453.6 kilograms (1,000 lb), known at the time as “The World’s Largest Pallasite Meteorite.”

In October 2005, geologist Philip Mani and meteorite hunter Steve Arnold located and recovered the largest fragment ever found of Brenham: a single mass mass of 650 kilograms (1,430 lb).