Bishopville (aubrite) – micro


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Small fragment sold in collection box with label/certificate of authenticity.


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The Bishopville, Sumter County, South Carolina, meteorite fell during the daylight hours of March 25, 1843. Its meteor and the explosion which accompanied the fall were witnessed over an area 30 to 40 miles in diameter. One six-kilogram stone was seen to strike the Earth and recovered from a depth of about three feet in the soft soil. The meteorite was brought to the attention of science in 1846 when J.C. Haynsworth purchased the stone from its owner and presented it to Professor C.U. Shepard.

So far as can be determined, no ground search was ever made for other pieces of the stone which were freed from the descending mass by the terminal explosion. It is now 141 years since the fall of this unique meteorite. A field search of the area could well bring to light other specimens of the Bishopville meteorite and give science a much needed insight into the terres- trialization or preservation of a meteorite of this variety.”