Bechar 001 (L6) – 0.422g


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0.422g part slice

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Bechar 001 and 002
Found before 1998 August
Ordinary chondrites (L5 and H6)

Two large stones (39 kg and 12 kg) plus a number of small fragments were sold to Bruno Fectay and Carine Bidaut by nomads. They later recognized that an 18 g piece (now called Bechar 002) was higher in metal than the main masses and therefore was not paired. Classification and mineralogy (P. Sipiera, Harper). Bechar 001: olivine, Fa25.3; pyroxene, Fs20. Bechar 002: olivine, Fa18.5; pyroxene, Fs16.4Wo1.4. Specimens: type specimens, 140 g (Bechar 001) and 15 g (Bechar 002), DuPont; main masses, Fectay.