The book « The french meteorites » offers an overview of the 78 french meteorites whose fall was observed or whose discovery was fortuitous. The work is richly illustrated and embellished, for many chapters, of the map of the fall zone. The book is prefaced by Professor Matthieu Gounelle, head of the Cosmochemistry unit at the National Museum of Natural History in Paris and in charge of the meteorite collection of the Museum.

An exciting book, focused on the history of meteorites, accessible to all.

The author, Pierre-Marie Pelé, has been a meteorite hunter since 2003, a collector and trader in extraterrestrial rocks. He is the author of several books relating to meteorites. Finally, he is a member of the Meteoritical Society and works in collaboration with large institutions (MNHN, Paris or NHM, London) and certified laboratories in the field of meteorites.

Book in French languageNo english version is planned.
478 pages (including 64 color pages).   16 x 24 cm

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