Meteorite collection 18 May 2022

Saint-Aubin (France) – Iron IIIAB

Writeup from MB 87:
Saint-Aubin Aube Champagne, France Found 1968 Iron, octahedrite (ungrouped) Five masses of total weight 472 kg were found by farmers while ploughing, within a strewn field a few miles across. Classification (E. Dransart and M. Baron, EMTT): kamacite bandwidth 0.4 mm; bulk composition Ni = 11.5 ± 1%, Co = 4 mg/g, P = 2 mg/g, Ir = 0.02 µg/g, Ga = 28 µg/g, Ge = 83 µg/g. The meteorite contains sarcopside and/or graftonite and needles of schreibersite up to 6 cm in length. It shows typical shock features (Neumann lines and shock-hatched kamacite). Specimens: type specimen 86 g MNHNP; 500 g EMTT; main mass with finders.

Writeup from MB 94:
The classification of Saint Aubin is in error. It is a high-Ni, high-Au, low-Ir member of the IIIAB group

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