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Found may 9, 1984
Iron, IIG
Total mass > 20.69 kg

Specimen in collection :
3.85 g slice

In 1984, a farmer named Margrit Christen found an iron mass as he was removing stones from his ploughed field, near the farm of Gruebmatt. The object was kept for a year before he informed the Bally Museum in Sch├Ânenwerd (Switzerland) where it was confirmed as an iron meteorite. Then, in 2000, a second mass was found by Marc Jost in a 17th century house, near the village of Twann. The meteorite had been placed on a stone wall, in an attic. A hundred more specimens were found later in the area, including under the water of the lake and river around. The terrestrial age is estimated 88000┬▒38000 years. The preatmospheric mass has been estimated at 33 tons.

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  • Marc Jost

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