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Tunisia (november 2013)

After our fourth trip in Tunisia in june 2013, we considered we had recovered enough meteorites and that the job was done.  But as always, we changed our mind and decided to go back in the country in november 2013.

We started our trip by going to the KG 002 area, the unique martian meteorite found in Tunisia by a spanish team. The place is situated not far from the Ksar Ghilane oasis where it is easy to find a camping to sleep and to have honest food. Ksar Ghilane was our base camp and we could go out for meteorite hunting every day quite easily.

We couldn’t find additional martian fragments but Fabien and Marie were lucky enough to find another nice little chondrite not far from it !

After a few days in Ksar Ghilane, we headed back to Tatahouine and Beni M’hira. Just a few finds this time, 8 meteorites exactly and a roman coin (found by Fabien in the middle of the Beni M’hira strewnfield).

That trip was really nice, it was great to mix between several search areas.

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