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Tunisia (2018)

JUNE 2, 2018
well arrived at Tataouine around noon, after a smooth road to the sound of François Feldmann and Desireless french singers on the Tunisian radio trend … lol

A heat to die for, worse than when we came in June 2013. Unbearable. Go hunting in the morning and evening.

I took a walk on the Tatahouine strewnfield in the early afternoon, I held an hour before having my head spinning (if you saw the Exorcist, you’ll understand) … Picked up a bag a kilo of pebbles and small fragments that I will sort on my return.

At the evening, went to see Mr. Mohamed at the restaurant. Always so nice, he offered me a drink despite Ramadan (I was ashamed), he opened a second restaurant, business is good 😉


JUNE 3, 2018
This morning get up at 5am to hope to hunt a little before temperatures rise.

No breakfast anywhere, horrible.

I arrive at 6:00 in Beni M’hira and chase me. I’m going to the northernmost area, to the dry lake. I am lucky to find 4 small meteorites. I have traveled the sector a lot but nothing else today. Around 10am, the temperature becomes untenable and I painfully hit the car at 11am, at a temperature of 40 ° C. Impossible to continue, return to the hotel in the room, the only place where it is less hot; I’m waiting for the evening now, to have dinner around 19:30.


JUNE 4, 2018
Early in the morning, I left for Beni M’hira. Check in at 6am and I realize that I forgot to take spare batteries for the GPS … I do not have access to discoveries but not serious, I will walk anyway. Fair enough wind this morning on site, it is a little warmer than yesterday. I go south (big masses) and after a few hundred meters, I hear a kind of hissing behind me.

I turn around and see 50 cm from my feet a viper, almost sand color. I almost walked on it!

Well, I’m leaving and I’m approaching the old gentleman’s hut. The sheepdogs are menacing, I turn around and I go north again, beyond the dry lake.

Nothing. It’s 11am, I’m full of legs, I go back to the car.

I leave Beni M’hira around noon and I go for a walk on the fall of Tatahouine. I do not want to scratch the earth so I walk up and down the hill. Found on the surface three pretty stones with a total weight of about 20g. Wonder where the locals find their stones of 30 or 40g … I think it’s on the surface.

Well, mixed record, no find in Beni M’hira, sniff.

Tomorrow Beni will m’hira again, with batteries.


JUNE 5, 2018
after 9 hours of walking today, the shower is welcome!

Still nothing to Beni M’hira; in my opinion everything was raked there, no need to go back. It was a nice adventure.

Crossed a shepherd on the spot, who took out a bag of meteorites. He asked the price of a nice car for 2 kilograms of rocks !!!  Suffice to say that the discussion did not last long, I put away my scales and goodbye!

Have recognized one or two stones that had already been offered to the Spanish 2 or 3 years ago when they went there …

A detour to Tatahouine on the way back, nothing found today, a few grams of dust. There too, the vein dries up or else we do not know the best places.

Tomorrow last day of hunting, then return to Djerba.


JUNE 6, 2018

last day of hunting (and it’s not worse); at 7 a.m. I start scratching in the Tatahouine area. Until 11am everything is going well, I sift and fill my bag with small fragments of not much …

I go back down to the car and I see an environmental police pickup truck passing a few meters from me and seems to be heading towards the landfill.

I watch them pass, the right front window drops and the policeman asks me “do you want something?”. I tell him “no, I was watching you pass” 😉

The car leaves, I start walking towards the car and five minutes later, I see the police car at the top of Tatahouine hill (so near the crater). She descends in a straight line towards me at full speed. I pretend not to see them and keep walking quietly. I get to my car, and the police vehicle has joined me, stops. Three guys in khaki uniforms come down.

I had in my hands the big sieve, the scraper, a bag full of sand and small Tatahouine … hard to hide.

One of the subordinates asks me:
– what are you doing here ?
me: I do geology
him: what’s in the bag?
me: sand
(luckily he didn’t watch)
the chief said to me:
– do you have a permit to be here?
me: no, I did not know that authorization was required
him: in France for geology, you need authorization?
me: ah no need. Here, as it is a landfill, I did not think that an authorization was required.
him: give me your papers
I give him my passport, he passes it to the third policeman who taps on a computer in the car …
him: aren’t you afraid to come here?
me no
him: are you all alone?
I do
him: it’s dangerous here, with the fumes, there are infections
me: I understand, well well I’m going
the three greeted me and left.

It was hot ;-). I think someone in the city must have called them … Finished for me the Tatahouine strewnfield, at the same time, there was not much left to find. The police knew very well what I was looking for here.

Tomorrow, I’m going back to Djerba, I hope I won’t get bored at the airport.

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