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Tambo Quemado

Found in 1950 or before (1949 ?)
Total mass : 141kg

In collection :
112 grams slice with large inclusion

According to Buchwald :

A mass of 141 kg was brought to Lima in 1950, where it was briefly described by Freyre (1950) who also presented two figures of the exterior. From the ftles of Dr. H.H. Nininger and Dr. C.B. Moore, which I was kindly permitted to examine, I add the following information. The mass, estimated to weigh 130 kg, was discovered -or rather was reported -in 1949 by J. Ernesto Lafias del Castillo as being in a remote part of the Andes Mountains. The location is given as near the village of Tambo Quemado, in the district of Leoncio Prado which has the coordinates given above. The discoverer made arrangements to remove the mass but could accomplish little himself, partly because of local native superstitutions and partly due to interference from government authorities. As it turned out, after considerable wrangling and to the full dissatisfaction of the discoverer, the whole mass – except for a 108 g slice, and later a 1.36 kg wedge, which were forwarded to Dr. Nininger – ended up in the Geological Museum in Lima. A part of the wedge came in 19 55 to the U.S. National Museum. Jain & Lipschutz (1969) gave a photo-micrograph and interpreted the structure as being the result of a cosmic event, a shock wave with a minimum pressure of 1.4 megabars. The present author disagreed with this (Buchwald 1968d), pointing out that several structural elements suggested an artificial reheating.

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