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Czech Republic
Fell may 22, 1808
Total mass : 52 kg

Specimens in collection :
4.7g fragment with crust + fragments in vial

An intriguing meteorite specimen of 4.7 grams, deaccessioned from the Universitatea Babes-Bolyai (UBB), Catedra de Mineralogie (Cluj-Napoca, Romania), with UBB painted number I.32, UBB label and an antique numbered glass vial. Although catalogued as Mocs (also in catalogue Bedelean et al., 1979), a close examination shows that the specimen is in fact an achondrite (not magnetic, glossy crust, no visible chondrule). We suggest that this specimen is with very high likelihood from the Stannern meteorite, as the crust and matrix textures look identical to Stannern specimens from the UBB collection.

This specimen is also featured figures 3 and 6 of Mignan (2016), « Metacollecting and use of collection-objects in prosopographical studies of meteorite collections », Meteorites, vol. 4, nos. 1-2, 11-22.

In this article, research showed that the specimen might have originated from the J.G. Neumann, Graz, collection.

This fragment comes from The Tricottet Collection, traded with the UBB museum in 2012.


Additional information


  • J.G. Neumann collection
  • Graz (?) > Universitatea Babes-Bolyai > Arnaud Mignan (Tricottet Collection)

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