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Qatar 001 and Qatar 002

Qatar 001

Found may 10, 2010
H5 chondrite
Total mass : 6 700 g

Specimen in collection :
3.54g slice

This meteorite is the second to have been catalogued in Qatar despite of its name ; the first one ever was named   Khatiyah and was found in 2000. There’s only ten official meteorites for this small emirate. Ground there is extremely difficult to search with many sandy areas and ancien salt lakes.


Qatar 002

Found in october 2011
L5 chondrite
Total mass : 702 g

Specimen in collection :
5.41g fragment

The Qatar 002 meteorite was found by Fabien Kuntz and Marie Gerbet at the end of their trip in Qatar. After a week to drive on rocky or sandy landscapes, they hardly found an access in the desert to search for meteorites. Many fences are built along the main roads to avoid that camels flee from their places. Qatar 002 was discovered near a luxury tent (with satellite TV, air conditioning and high value 4WD trucks). Fabien et Marie didn’t stayt long there and took the road rapidly. Qatar is definitely not the best place for meteorite hunting…

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  • Fabien Kuntz

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