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Portales Valley

USA, New Mexico
Fell june 13, 1998
H6 chondrite
Total mass > 71.4 kg

Specimen in collection :
5.86 g slice

At 7.32 on sunday, june 13, 1998, a meteor exploded near Portales, New Mexico. The pilot of a Piper Cherokee also observed the fall in the sky. At the same time as they took their coffee, Nelda Wallace and Fred Stafford heard deaf detonations. They left their home and saw a fragment of rock falling down a hundred meters from them, raising a cloud of dust. In a crater, they gathered a 16.5 kg stone, a beautiful fragment crossed by metal veins. In addition, a fragment of 530 grams fell across the roof of the farm of Gayle Newberry and hit the north side wall. The meteorite hunter Skip Wilson who lives in the area heard the detonations himself and began hunting. He discovered several specimens. 51 meteorites were found in total, with masses from 12 g to 34 kg. The strewnfield measures approximately 12 km long by 2.5 km wide. Curiously, the heavier fragments fell at the beginning of the ellipse so that it is usually the opposite that occurs.

Portales Valley is an H recrystallized chondrite, a breccia of molten metal.

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