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NWA 8668

Purchased in june 2014
Achondrite, feldspathic breccia (Moon)
Total mass : 166.67 g

Specimen in collection :
3.51g slice

As the majority of lunar meteorites, NWA 8668 is a feldspathic breccia; it is composed almost exclusively of feldspar rich in calcium and aluminum, called anorthite. This meteorite is a fragment of the most primitive continental crust of the Moon whose average age is estimated at 4.4 billion years. It could be close to the famous « Genesis Stone », a rock discovered on the Moon by the crew of Apollo 15 in 1971 and allowed to update our knowledge of the secrets of the formation of the satellite.

The metallic inclusion that one can see in the top left of this slice certainly comes from the impactor, that is to say a meteorite that hit the lunar surface. The rocks of the impactor and the Moon mixed and were ejected from the Moon.

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  • El-Mokhtar Ait Hiba

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