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NWA 8599

Found in 2014
Lunar, troctolitic
Total mass : 36.5g

Specimen in collection :
2.78g slice

NWA 8599 meteorite in fact its pairing NWA 5744) was found near Gawa (Mali) in february 2009. It is a pairing of meteorite NWA 5744 NWA but also 8651, 8687, 10140, 10178…

This meteorite is interesting because it reveals the existence of a new lithology of magnesium in lunar rocks that sheds light on the evolution of the primitive crust of the Moon.

I strongly suggest you the reading of this study : « Petrology and composition of lunar troctolitic granulite northwest Africa 5744 : a unique recrystallized, magnesian crustal sample », by S. M. Kuehner, A. J. Irving, M. Gellissen et R. L. Korotev, 2010.

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