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NWA 8348

Purchased in june 2010
Iron, plessitic octahedrite (IAB-sHL)
Total mass : 518 g

Specimen in collection :
20.58g slice

If the majority (about 85%) of metallic meteorites show structures to classify them in the group of « octahedrites », some of them (about 5%), overall poorer in nickel, crystallize in a hexahedral mesh (« hexahedrites » ).

Still others (about 10%), for a variety of reasons show no visible structure with the naked eye (the « ataxites »).

However NWA 8348, which is quite chemically simple approximates the metallic meteorites of IAB type and presents a completely new structure, never before seen. Some collectors describe it as a snakeskin or a turtle shell !

In fact, these large areas like « tortoiseshells » are finely recrystallized areas of metal (a structure qualified of plessitic by metallographers), bordered and separated by kamacite veins.

It is not explained very well what could erase and transform the structure of this meteorite, which was likely an octahedrite originally, but this makes it a very unique siderite !

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  • Aziz Habibi > Fabien Kuntz

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