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NWA 7325

Found in 2012
Ungrouped achondrite
Total mass > 450 g

Specimen in collection :
2.94g fragment

During several years, many people thought that NWA 7325 was originating from Mercury. The chemical composition of the meteorite NWA 7325 is relatively close to that of Mercury (given our limited  knowledge on this planet), the smallest planet in the solar system and also the closest to the sun. High levels of magnesium and chromium and very low iron content are similar to those of the planet. Finally, the magnetism NWA 7325 is identical to that of Mercury, according to Tony Irving (University of Washington).

However, the age of NWA 7325 is 4562 ± 4.4 million years (a little older than the age of planet formation in our solar system) so that does not advocate a planetary origin. Now, the planetary origin is fully rejected.

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  • Mohamed Aid

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