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NWA 7129

Found in september 2011
Ungrouped achondrite
Total mass : 50 g

Specimen in collection :
2.21g slice

This meteorite is paired with NWA 011 NWA 2400, NWA 2976, NWA 4587, NWA 4901 and NWA 5644, etc …

Many studies were conducted on NWA 011 and its pairings but the origin of the meteorite remains undetermined at this time.

While H. Palme suggests that the planet Mercury is the parent body of the meteorite, Floss and al. suggested that the parent body was basaltic asteroid 1459 Magnya. The asteroidal origin is favored since we could not analyze the structure of the rocks of the planet closest to the Sun, Mercury.

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  • Gary Fujihara

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