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NWA 7034 « Black Beauty »

Found in 2011
Achondrite, basaltic breccia (Mars)
Total mass : 319.8 g

Specimen in collection :
0.173 g slice

NWA 7034 is the oldest known Martian meteorite with an age of 2.09 billion years. It is estimated that the large amount of water present in NWA 7034 (6190 ± 620 ppm in the form of hydrated minerals) comes from the interaction between rock and water in the crust of Mars at the local age named Amazonian geology (1.8 billion years today – but this age varies according to experts interviewed …). It is also the only Martian meteorite to be a breccia and it probably comes from the South Pole or the southern hemisphere of the planet. The meteorite was dubbed Black Beauty due to its very black unique  matrix, different from all other known Martian meteorites. This meteorite was found at a place called Rabt Sbayta, southwest of Morocco. The strewnfield measures over 10 kilometers long.

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  • Mohamed Aid > Fabien Kuntz

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