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NWA 6352

Found in 2010
CO3 chondrite
Total mass : 1277g

Specimen in collection :
49.5g slice

This CO3 was purchased at a Moroccan merchant over the internet and directly received by the carrier in France. Its analysis indicated that it is very close to the meteorite of Ornans, the type specimen of the carbonaceous chondrites CO type. There are only 6 meteorites classified as CO3.4. Ornans is the largest with 6 kilograms and NWA 6352 is the second largest with 1277g. The main mass of the meteorite NWA 6352 is preserved in the collection WWMeteorites (Fabien Kuntz) … 20 kilometers from the city of Ornans! The world is small…

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  • Fabien Kuntz

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