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NWA 2986

Found in 2006
Mars, shergottite
Total mass : 201g

Specimen in collection :
5.5g individual

The place is located in the region of Boufrah in Algeria, not far from the border with Mali. A hundred or more specimen were found.

Total mass, if we add all the pairings exceeds 2 kilograms. There are many pairings for this meteorite :
NWA 2975 / 2987 / 4766 / 4783 / 4857 / 4864 / 4880 / 4930 / 5140 / 5214 / 5219 / 5313, etc…

It is a shergottite, the most common type of martian meteorites. Shergottites are mostly composed of basalts. Upon impact that ejected it from the Martian soil, the violence of the shock has changed the structure of some of its minerals, especially feldspars, which changed from a crystallized state to glass. By cutting slices of the meteorite NWA 2986, this new mineral called maskelynite is easily identified by its transparent appearance in the interstices of other minerals.

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  • Ali Hmani

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