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NWA 11750

Morocco near Foum Zguid
Found in 2016
C3.00 ungrouped
Total mass : 8.49g

Specimen in collection :
0.512g slice


NWA 11750 has just been published in the Bulletin as the first ever C3.00 ungrouped meteorite., According to CEREGE which will continue the research, it is the most primitive meteorite ever and has not been heated and it has no hydrous phase.

After a year of study at the CEREGE, the NWA 11750, a 8.49 grams stone only, has been declared the most primitive meteorite ever found.

It has no thermal and no aqueous alteration and is like a photo of the primitive dust and gaz nebula which formed the Sun, the Planets, planetoids and asteroids in our solar system.

NWA 11750 is the Holy Grail of meteorite research and will be deeply studied for years.

I gave the stone to the Science (except two small slices and crumbs).

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