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NWA 11431

Find: 2017 Jun
Martian meteorite (Shergottite)

In collection :
5.90g slice with crust
6.81g slice with crust

History: Found in June 2017 in Mauritania in a region directly south of the NWA 6963 strewnfield (located near Fej Arrih to the north in adjacent Morocco), and puchased by Ben Hoefnagels in July 2017 from a Moroccan dealer.

Physical characteristics: A single stone (524 g) with a flat prismatic shape almost completely coated by black fusion crust. The interior is gray with evident glassy maskelynite.

Petrography: (A. Irving and S. Kuehner, UWS) Medium-grained, diabasic texture. Composed predominantly of zoned clinopyroxene and maskelynite with accessory Fe-bearing merrillite, titanomagnetite, ilmenite (with rare baddeleyite inclusions), silica polymorph, fayalite and pyrrhotite.

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  • Ben Hoefnagels