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NWA 10153

Mauritania, Bir Oum Grein
Found in 2014
Achondrite, nakhlite (Mars)
Total mass : 119 g

Specimens in collection :
0.84g slice
1.211g fragment with crust

I bought from Rachid Chaoui (Morocco) a 6.65 grams complete specimen of this extremely rare classification and also 5 grams of crusted fragments. Some of these fragments were sold and I kept a nice one  in my collection.

For the slice, I bought it from Gary Fujihara. Gary bought an 8.4g uncrusted stone from Morocco late 2015. The meteorite was cut by Montana Meteorite Laboratory, who did a remarkable job, but suffered >50% cut loss in the process. A sample was submitted for comparative analysis, which resulted in mineralogical and chemical signatures consistent with NWA 10153. Because the yield was so low, he didn’t make it classify to have its own name and sold it as a pairing to NWA 10153, a single (119 g) somewhat friable stone lacking fusion crust.

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  • Rachid Chaoui
  • Gary Fujihara

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