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Ksar Daghara 001 and 002

Ksar Daghara 001

Tunisia, Tatahouine
Found on april 8, 2012
H6 chondrite
Total mass : 18.36 g

Specimen in collection :
4.99 g fragment

On april 8, 2012, Fabien Kuntz, Marie Gerbet and myself were looking for a few small fragments of the meteorite of Tatahouine which fell in 1931. After a few hours there, we were really tired and we decided to head back to the car. Fabien found a chondrite on the hills surrounding the area of the Tatahouine diogenite ! A nice find in a landscape transformed over the years into landfill. We managed to find little bits then quietly walked out …


Ksar Daghara 002

Tunisia, Tatahouine
Trouvée le 8 avril 2012
H6 chondrite
Total mass : 30,08 g

Specimen in collection :
20,44 g main mass

… then, arriving behind a house, I discovered another chondrite, which will be named Ksar Daghara 002. It would have been great to name these 2 chondrites Tatahouine 002 and 003 but the nomenclature is such that a specific new dense area has been created specifically for our two discoveries.

Additional information


  • Found by me (Ksar Daghara 002) and Fabien Kuntz (Ksar Daghara 001)

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