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“KK16” eucrite

Oman, Dhofar
Found november 10, 2014
Achondrite, eucrite (official classification pending)
Total mass : 751 g

Specimen in collection :
156.28 g endcut

At the end of a monotonous day, we made a stop at the GPS coordinates of the famous Dhofar 540 meteorite (a type 4 enstatite chondrite). Between walking on the area or keep driving another hour before establishing the bivouac, we chose the second solution. And while raking light made it difficult to find any meteorite, Marie Gerbet while discussing with Fabien Kuntz could see and immediately recognize an achondrite before even getting out of the car.

That one was on a very flat ground, a few hundred meters from chondrites finds made by other teams !

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  • Fabien Kuntz

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